Easy Weight Manage Tips

Maintaining a healthy weight during the silly season is not a simple matter, but there are many ways you can make it happen.

Keeping to a sensible weight is not just about appearances. Being overweight – which is defined as weighing more than 20 per cent over the ideal for your height – is a risk factor for medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Read on for achievable ideas on how to change your habits for the better.

Have a party plan

Going to a Christmas Party? Offer to bring a plate. Arriving armed with chopped fresh veggies and a healthy dip like hummus or spicy salsa and wholemeal crackers ensures you’ll have something to snack on.

Sip, Sip, Sip
We often mistake thirst for hunger, so if you feel peckish, try drinking a glass of water first. At meal times, continue drinking as you eat to add volume to your food and ensure effective nutrient uptake and elimination of waste.

Ramp up your protein
Research suggests that protein prolongs the feeling of being full. Studies have found that people who ate a high protein breakfast were less hungry at their next meal. Good sources of protein include yoghurt, cheese, soy foods, fish, chicken and meat. An easy way to increase your protein intake is to add Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone to your morning smoothie – this vegan, plant based formula contains a fermented protein base to boost metabolism and curb cravings.

Eat little, often and mindfully
Studies show that people who ‘graze’ – that is who eat lightly and frequently may be more likely to keep their weight within an ideal range. Research also shows that eating on the run invites mindless munching, so make a conscious effort to savour every bite.

Get a little help
Supplements may be effective in suppressing appetite and making portion control easier. Chromium helps the body to use fat for energy and build muscle, which may give you an edge in maintaining weight. Psyllium is a type of soluble fibre that adds to the feeling of fullness and slows the absorption of fat in the intestines. And, if you need help controlling your appetite, garcinia (Garcinia Cambogia), the extract of a fruit native to India, may quell hunger pangs. And if you still can’t quite kick the last of your sweet cravings. The Amazonia Raw Sugar Crave Release spray is your secret weapon! With a potent herbal blend, designed to target excessive bad bacteria within the digestive tract and also help reduce sugar cravings. In a convenient, on the go spray bottle, say hello to your new best friend!

Ease up on the alcohol
It is hard to avoid alcohol in the silly seasons, but remember that it is a source of many kilojoules, especially sweet and creamy cocktails, which can pack the same punch as a rich dessert. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, stick to water, or at least alternate every alcoholic drink mineral water.

Don’t Crash
The worst weight loss tactic has to be the crash diet approach. Omitting entire food groups and skipping meals will only make your cranky and frustrated and cause you to throw in the towel. Aim for one positive change towards healthy weight maintenance daily, such as swapping out soft drinks – a major source of empty kilojoules – for mineral water. 

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