Group Exercise Classes

Group Fitness Classes are a fun, engaging and result-focused way to increase your endurance, stamina and energy levels. For 30-60 minutes you can charge ahead at your pace or be challenged by the trainer. These classes are free for members and there are a wide variety of classes available at many different facilities, you just need to choose what you enjoy.
Regardless of where your fitness is currently, reach new levels, build your cardiovascular endurance, strength or workout in the fat burning zone more efficiently – jumping, boxing, or spinning your way to better health.
Always arrive 5 minutes early. Bring a towel and drink. Let the instructor know if you have any medical conditions. No entry after warm up begins unfortunately.

Group Fitness classes are a must-try because:

  • We regularly update classes on offer to ensure they stay fresh, making your workout interesting and fun!
  • They really suit every one! Classes are designed to incorporate and appeal to all fitness levels, with options to scale up or down during the workout so you are comfortable or challenged.
  • Meet new friends! The gym is full of like-minded members, a place where health and wellness is the common goal, so come along and say hi!
  • It can help lift and energize your workout mentality with the team motivation!

Choose from a huge range of classes and remember to check your local club for opening hours, class sessions available and class times. I will provide you below a list of classes I take and where they are located and what the benefits are.
Hope to see you at a Group Fitness Class soon!!

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