Hot As Hell Muddy Challenge 2016


Located at Peninsula Obstacle Racing Course, 480 Mornington Tyabb Road, Moorooduc

Melbourne’s muddiest and most fun obstacle course event 7+ Kilometres 50+ Obstacles to suit all skill and fitness levels. Only an hour from the CBD.

This certainly was a step up course from Miss Muddy & Winder Muddy Hell. The obstacles on this course was a lot harder, higher and definately most muddier. Some of the lakes were head height and freezing cold but now that it is summer should be great.

This will be my second attempt to muddy hell challenge which the first was held last year in Winter but now this is Summer and I can’t wait, it is going to be SO MUCH FUN.. Regardless of the sun the mud and the hard obstacles the adrenaline you get after the starting point sets you on fire. Ready, Set, GO!

Highly recommend challenging yourself, your fitness and inner strength. Create a group, bring along your clients and really enjoy yourself while getting fit. This time I have created ‘The Mudsters’ group so all my friends, family and clients can join and get into the spirit of competing and really challenging your fitness to see just how far you have come.


What a fantastic day it was. Cold, raining with a hint of sun but that didn’t stop us from the challenge. Special guests from The Biggest Losers were there, The Joffres & The Auvales taking on this years Muddy Challenge and guess what – ‘WE BEAT THE JOFFRES’!!!.

The Challenge was on & they had a 20 minute head start with 3 people to our team we push, pulled and stormed through the mud to catch up to them and by the fourth last obstacle they were in our sights, we over took them and WE WON!!!

Was so much fun, I highly recommend you join in on the fun. An intermediate obstacle course that even a beginner should try.

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