How To Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

Sure we could all benefit from losing a few kilos. But wouldn’t it be great if we could improve our internal body chemistry at the same time, and guarantee the results?

Poor nutritional practices, alcohol, stress and pollution can lead to an unhealthy and acidic internal body environment.

Unhealthy, internal workings of the body often result in feelings of lethargy, fatigue, poor digestion, skin disorders and weight gain.

Improving body health at a cellular level can rectify these issues and ensure you are functioning in an optimal state, your body will naturally and rapidly reduce the size of your fat cells, resulting in fast and effective weight loss.

Targeting acidity

Acid is the major cause of poor health, obesity and disease. Becoming more alkaline and removing acid from the body can see positive changes in a matter of days, experiencing increased vitality, more energy, strong clarity of mind and improved skin health. We could all do with some of that!

So instead of counting calories, what you should try doing is measuring acidity and alkalinity. By monitoring acid/alkaline levels, you ensure your body is never in ‘fat storing’ mode rather it is always in ‘fat burning’ zone.

To boost alkalinity, consume high quality healthy fats, lots of green vegetables, lots of water, exercise consisentley and make sure you are taking the right supplements for optimal body health and cell production.

You should reduce or avoid alcohol, simple carbohydrates like bread, past and potatoes, meat including chicken, coffee and tea, processed or fast food, sugar and soft drink. These foods produce acidic waste and are counter productive to you achieving your weight loss goals.

If you are serious about making the change to a clean, alkaline internal environment then speak to one a health specialist who will be able to give you advice specific to your own personal health needs.

The Living Lean Program @ Go Vita Stores

One weight loss program that Go Vita ranges and has had success with is the Australian made and owned, Living Lean Alkalizing Program, suitable for both men and women. It is focused on improving your body health by removing acids and toxins and creating a clean, alkaline, internal environment.

A synergistic blend of trace minerals and organic super-foods, Living Lean supplements are used in conjunction with the carefully produced Living Meal Plan which assists with weight loss, detoxification and alkalizing the body.

The program also provides pH test strips so you have the ability to accurately and easily test your body chemistry at any time of the day or night. Shopping lists, realistic meal plans, recipes and the Living Lean Approved Food list will ensure your success.

The program has assisted countless people to achieve outstanding results and is the health secret behind many of Australia A-List celebrities, sport stars and media personalities.

What we like about this program is its scientific approach and the simple step by step instructions. The are two programs: The Living Lean 5 Day Alkalizing Detox program for those looking for a rapid improvement in energy levels, skin health, clarity of mind and sleep patterns and the Living Lean 15 Day Weight Loss program to maximize your body’s acid cleansing capabilities, resulting in weight reduction.

Many people using this program achieve their weight loss goal in the 15 day cycle; however the 15 day program can be repeated until your weight loss goal is achieve. So visit your local Go Vita Store and ask to review the Living Lean Programs and get started today to help you on your weight to a healthy weight loss. Remember to also keep exercising daily to assist with your weight loss goals.

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