Miss Muddy 2015

Miss Muddy 2015

This year was my first year that I’m starting Obstacle Courses, never done them before and I wanted to challenge myself.

So I took the opportunity to do Miss Muddy 2015 located at Sandown Racecourse and WOW so much fun.

I highly recommend doing this obstacle course first before you take on Spartan, Tough Mudder or even Stampede as I believe these obstacle course are WAY harder.

Miss Muddy Video (FACEBOOK) – April 2015 (VIC)

I initially started out doing this on my own, to challenge myself as a woman, trainer & individual but even before I started the course a lovely team called ‘CAOS’ took me under their wing and an instant family was formed. I couldn’t believe the comraditory that people are prepared to give to utter strangers. I loved it.

There was so much motivation, team spirit and so much fun happening on the course you couldn’t help but to feel so much joy and happiness in your achievements and theirs.

There are so many different obstacles courses you can tackle on your own or as a team. But whichever one you decide to do,

ensure you do it for yourself as the feeling is FANTASTIC!

Same way that I train my members, you put your mind to it you can achieve EVERYTHING. Allow me to be apart of your

life and get fit and have fun at the same time.



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